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Dated: 01/17/2017

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If you are looking for a large home in a good school district and located close to Emory/CDC, one neighborhood I would suggest to consider are the big homes in Oak Grove.  Oak Grove is located just north of the North Decatur area (east of Oak Grove Rd and north of Lavista Rd).  Here is what I like about the Oak Grove area:

Big Homes in Oak Grove –



The area in Oak Grove is changing.  One area in particular that is rapidly changing is the area north of Briarcliff Rd on roads such as Meadowcliff Dr, Abby Lane, Meadowvale Dr, Oakawana Rd, etc.  This area once was full of older ranch style homes which have quickly been swallowed up by builders and transformed into custom 4,000 sq ft+ homes.  The homes also have fairly sizeable lots and typically have 5 bedrooms.  Home prices for these new builds vary in price but usually sell in the $800’s – $1 million range.  What I love about this area is that it feels almost like it’s own suburbia neighborhood but you can quickly hop onto Briarcliff and be on your way to accessing I-85, or head over to Toco Hills for grocery shopping, and within 20 minutes you can get over to Piedmont Park.

Value per Square Foot –

When you compare Oak Grove with other Intown neighborhoods (such as City of Decatur, Morningside, Druid Hills, Virginia Highlands as examples), the big homes in Oak Grove offer a way better deal for your dollar.  You get a ton more space for your money in Oak Grove than you ever would in many Intown neighborhoods. For example, when I compared recent sales for the past 6 months for homes over 4,000 sq ft in Oak Grove vs homes over 3,000 sq ft in Morningside (I couldn’t use 4,000 sq ft in Morningside as that limited my options too much), the average price per square foot in Oak Grove was $170/sq ft vs Morningside’s $287/sq ft.

Oak Grove Elementary –



Oak Grove is also home to Oak Grove Elementary which is a very good school.  This is great news as parents don’t have to automatically consider private school when they move into the area.

Proximity to Emory and the CDC –



Many employees of Emory and the CDC want to have it all – a great school for their kids, a big home to raise the family in, still live inside the perimeter, and be within a short 15-2o minute drive to work.  In Oak Grove, you really can accomplish all of this which I love.  Plus, Oak Grove does come with its own small set of restaurants and a private pool/tennis club (Echo Ridge Recreation Club) .

Don’t have $800K+ to spend? No worries! –



Even though I have been focusing on big homes in Oak Grove, please know that there are still some great options that are less expensive.  There are plenty of ranch homes available that range in price depending on how updated they are.  Expect ranch style homes that need lots of updating to be in the $350’s and ones that are newly renovated to be in the high $400’s-mid $500’s.


So there you have it.  A small look into big homes in Oak Grove.  If you are curious to view all homes in Oak Grove, view homes for sale in Oak Grove HERE.

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