Choosing The Perfect Price For Your Listing

Dated: 01/08/2018

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Choosing The Perfect Price For Your Home Listing

How do you choose the perfect price when listing your home? There are several factors that go into pricing a home for sale.  You paid a reasonable price for the home. You made improvements to suit your taste and probably never thought you would move.  On the contrary, you paid a pretty penny to be in just the right area and knew you would live there 5-7 years then sell.  Any improvements you made were neutral choices which you then decorated with your favorite  designer choices.   Maybe you moved in to a home that was just right for you and did not touch the house because your funds went to other more pressing things you and your family needed.  Either way, it’s time to move and you not only want to move as quickly as possible but you want to achieve the best outcome, which pays the most.

So what is the market saying about your house?   Let’s think about it this way. If you did not live in your home and were viewing it for purchase, what would need to be done to make it enticing for you to buy it?  Do you find yourself too close the project?  That’s understandable, this is were a good Real Estate Agent can be helpful.   

But how do you come up with the perfect price? Well, first I will tell you how it’s not determined.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add all the expenses together, the cost of the home including closing cost, all improvements to the home, the cost of repairs and maintaining the home over the years along with any other expenses.  Then add about 10-25% to that overall number and get a great return.  Well while that is wishful thinking, some returns will be greater than that type of equation with the right support during the sale. However, this is not typical and you will need the advise and supervision during the sale process of a full time agent or team to get the best outcome and to appreciate the outcome.  

How It's Done

So again, the perfect price, how is it done?  It’s pretty simple.  The market does dictate what your how should be listed as.  Where perfection comes in is with you particular property details and the aide of a good Real Estate Agent.  Your improvements which carry over a value will be considered but are not always as added value.  For example a Jacuzzi maybe something that you decide not to take with you but the next family may not like it at all. Also, hunter green counter top have worked out great for your family and your specific decor but the next family may, in the words we many times here from Chip and Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” or Christina and Tarek El Moussa of “Fix of Flop” from our HGTV show favorites  like to say, prefer light and bright.  In either case it could cost you to move it and may even cost you a sale to leave depending on the condition. But you either have to or want to sell fro the best price.  In fact, anything in poor condition could cost you in the resale value.  Get the help of someone dedicated to the job.  There is a science to the perfect price because your home is just as custom as you are to the home.  You can get a general idea of price but should really have a Real Estate do a more specific valuation and help you list your home for sale at the perfect price.

Too high and it gets less views.  Too low you miss out on equity that you deserve.

Why not call us today and get your house listed at the perfect price.


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