PETS matter TOO!!

Dated: 08/08/2018

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Pets Matter Too BlogWhile sitting on the porch of one my listings near Perkerson Park waiting to show it, I gazed over at the park and saw many people walking their dogs in and near the park.  My potential buyer pulled up and their primary reason for looking at this property was because of its proximity to the park for their dog.  We walked through the property and they loved the house soo much I knew they were ready to write and offer.  They finanically qualified and it meets all of thier wants, needs, and desires.  However, they didn't want to pay the price to be near the park and beltline that they soo wanted for their beloved dog.  I asked them "if you had childern, this was the best school district, and it met all the requirements you were looking for to accommodate your children would you pay this price?".  They answered immediately "Yes".  My question was if your dog was as important to you as you say why wouldn't you pay this price to make sure he has what he needs too?  Although they didn't put an offer on the property I am sure it provoked their thinking to understand that even when considering their home purchase PETS matter TOO!  I have a tip for all of the house hunters looking in Atlanta that know their PETS matter TOO.  Come by 1473 Allene Ave SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30310 we have a park, beltline, and beautifuly renovated home just for you.

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