5 Reasons To Live In Midtown Atlanta

Dated: 04/01/2015

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One question I get asked a lot is whether to live in Midtown vs. Buckhead.   One could argue valid points for each and I really think it boils down to your lifestyle to determine which is a better fit.  Today, I’m going to list my top 5 reasons to live in Midtown Atlanta.  (Stay tuned next week for 5 reasons to live in Buckhead!)

Atlanta Midtown ViewsReasons to Live in Midtown Atlanta:


1) Location – Midtown is pretty much central to the city of Atlanta.  Want to go to a Falcons game?  It’s a 10 minute drive or quick MARTA ride.  Need to go to the airport?  It’s only 15 minutes.  Like to attend festivals and concerts?  There are a TON that happen in Piedmont Park or surrounding neighborhoods (Candler Park, Inman Park, Virginia Highland to name a few).

2) Proximity to Beltline – Midtown is just on the edge of the Beltline, which has become a very popular walk/bike/jog trail for residents to enjoy.  There is a large population of bikers that bike around Midtown and the Beltline access is a great avenue to connect Midtown with other areas of the city.  Additionally, Ponce City Market (located along the Beltline) will be opening later in 2015 and will feature a number of food venues to expand to the long list of Midtown dining options.

3) Walkability – I think Midtown has Buckhead beat in terms of walkability.  Residents that live almost anywhere in Midtown can easily walk to restaurants, MARTA, or Piedmont Park.  I will acknowledge that parking can be a pain in Midtown and many times you have to pay to park if you are visiting the area.  But once you are parked, it’s very pedestrian friendly to get from one side of Midtown to the other.  Another bonus — every Thursday around lunchtime, there are the popular Midtown food trucks.  A variety of food trucks park at 12th and Peachtree street and serve everything from gyros to bbq.  This is an easy walk for those working in surrounding Midtown offices.

4) Nightlife – If you like the nightlife, there are always some great bar/clubbing options (such as the popular Opera nightclub) along Crescent St.  Plus, a number of dining options surround the area.  Some of my favorite restaurants include South City Kitchen, Ecco, and Pasta di Pulcinella.

5) Piedmont Park – I know this park can sometimes be overrated.  But take a walk around here on a nice day, and you’ll see that it is packed with people doing an assortment of things – flag football, frisbee, having a picnic, lounging, swimming at the public pool, jogging, going to the Saturday farmer’s market, taking dogs to the dog park, and the list goes on and on.  It’s a fantastic green space in the center of the city.


Check in next week for my top 5 reasons to live in Buckhead.  Then, you decide which is better – Midtown or Buckhead?


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