3 Tips On Finding The Best Real Estate Professional When Buying A Home

Dated: 11/11/2015

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Contrary to popular belief, the number of transactions a realtor closes in a year is not the best indicator when looking for a Realtor to help you with your personal home search.  Sure , you may think, if a Real Estate Professional sells hundreds of homes, then surely they know what my specific needs are, right? Wrong!  While selling 10 plus homes per month is a great achievement in the Real Estate world, it doesn't really speak to how a particular agent can benefit you specifically.  Take this into consideration:  One agent, may work with a team or have an assistant to process the necessary paperwork while another prefers to work solo and be hands on with their clients through every single step of the process.  It doesn't make one agent better than the other, it just means, a buyer should look deeper into what their expectations are and which Agent would best help them reach their home buying goal.  I've put together a few pointers to guide new and seasoned buyers alike on how to choose the best Realtor for the job.  Here goes:

3 Tips on Finding the Best Real Estate Professional

1.  Knowledge of the Market:

Once you figure out the area or areas you'd like to live, try finding an agent who knows these areas well.  Perhaps she lives in the neighborhood or she keeps tabs on the market weekly to better help her clients by looking for changes in average price, decreased or increased sales for a given month, schools, entertainment etc.    Remember, long term residents (realtors) can tell you a lot about a neighborhood because they've stayed around long enough to witness any changes. 

2. Availability and Time:

 Find an agent that is truly passionate about finding YOU a new home.  It's an amazing feeling for a buyer when their agent can devote more time to their individual showings.   Being juggled around with 10 other clients can leave you feeling like you are missing something.  When your Agent has a semi open calendar, it works to fit you in for an impromptu showing of a newly listed home in a preferred area.  Bottom line, you want an Agent that can focus on you.

3.  Chemistry:

Chemistry with your Real Estate Professional is so important when you are in search of a home.  It greatly benefits you to work with someone that listens and understands your needs.   If you can't build a friendly rapport with the agent, it could greatly affect how soon you find your home and if it will be exactly what you hoped for.  Chemistry with the agent allows the showings to be relaxed and open to talk about your true thoughts on a particular property.  If at all, make sure this is the one quality you give the most weight to.  A person who likes you will do their very best in finding you the house of your dreams.  

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