Kids All Grown Up....This Home Is Too BIG Now

Dated: 09/07/2018

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Getting our first home was so exciting. All we could think about was, the Bigger the Better. When we first decided to buy a home, We were living in a two bedroom apartment. At that time, we only had one child. However, our intentions were to have FOUR.

We begin looking for our home with our Realtor. I will never forget how specific my search was. I wanted a two story home with at least a 3 bedrooms and a seperate den. It also had to have a fenced in backyard. There were no exceptions to that rule.

During that time there were not a lot of properties on the market, in our price range. We looked for weeks and weeks. We were really getting discouraged. Then a second baby later... WE FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT HOUSE!

This home had everything we wanted and more. We closed on our home and begin raising our family. This was such an exciting time for us. As time went on, the kids begin to Grow and Grow. We went from getting them into Pre-K to Getting them into College.

We stayed busy all the time. From going to Parent Conferences, School Plays, Award Ceremonies, Basketball Games, Football Games, and the list goes on and on. At some point, as a Parent, you look forward to life settling down again. 

So that brings us to where we are today. Our last child Graduate High School and just went off to college. Now, don't get it twisted...There is still so much you will be assisting your children with. Just in a different way. 

Now everything you wanted has settled in. You can now relax and do nothing, if that's what you really want. Is that really what you want??? All kinds of feelings starts take place. Now you are looking around and wondering, We don't go downstairs much. We never go into the Den. We really don't need this big yard anymore. This Home is too BIG now.

Now the time has come, we have done everything we needed to do for our kids. Now, it's time to live life for you. It's now time to decide, what is the next step? Where would we go from here? Should we sell our home or rent it out? 

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