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About Me
In the late 90’s I made a decision to move to Georgia to finish my schooling and literally never looked back. I’m so happy I made that decision then,I'm sure I would have never learned the importance in buying or selling real estate had I chose otherwise. Before the thought of becoming a licensed agent was a twinkle in my eye, I kept busy earning and learning. I stayed occupied parenting 3 awesome kiddo’s (and I’m still working free of charge), I worked at a couple Fortune 500 companies, and learned how to be my own boss. These positions, accredited to my pretty diverse background which includes; sales, property management, investments, business development and most important, client satisfaction.Now I'm able to translate my past accomplishments into how I perform as a realtor.

Why Me

I've invested in the real estate market for over a decade and it's been quite a roller coaster ride ( I’ll spare you the market crash story). During those adventurous investing days I had the privy of meeting some awesome folks, real estate agents included. Let me say, if anyone has been or is in those shoes, you know, finding an agent who truly understands just how unique the needs of investors are, are few and in between. It was then, the light went on and I had my “AHA” moment. I should just get my license...Now I have the best of both worlds and can offer knowledge, insight and creative strategies for my clients to secure a sound investment. Whether you are buying, selling or investing...I hope to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for life, with anyone I work with, and I hope you want the same.

Fun Facts

-I’m actually a darn good cook and look forward to taking on Bobby Flay any day!
-I secretly always wanted to be a Samurai and now I practice the martial art Iaido.
-Starbucks is Addictive...Help!
-I have three children whose first names all start with A and they have been referred to as “The A Team” and the “Triple A’s. --I once played the flute, basketball, softball, and cheered all in Frank Sinatra's hometown.
-I love to binge watch Asian films, sip Port wine, and play Design Home on my phone.

I look forward to our friendship!
Lateefah Mathews

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