Westside Hot For 2017

Dated: 02/07/2017

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According to Atlanta Real Estate Market Reports, some of the neighborhoods west of Atlanta are among the hottest in town. Adair Park, West End, Westview and Capital View are a few of the noted areas likely to see a lot a growth. Image titleThis of course is in large part due to the anticipated completion of the west side section of the Beltline.  The  three-mile Westside Trail is expected to open this fall. Many buyers have been priced out of more established and trendy neighborhoods, and these are some of the last neighborhoods close to downtown where  homebuyers can still find nice homes in the $100,000 to $200,000 range. The proximity to West End Marta and a good bike score make transportation quick and easy. 

West End was named 2015 Curbed Cup Champion and the hottest neighborhood in Atlanta of 2016 by Redfin. Young professionals and families alike are seeking out communities like this, known for the diversity of their residents. Many different economic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds are represented, and the number of annual community events continues to grow. Keep an eye on this vibrant area!

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