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Dated: 03/03/2016

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If you live or just like to walk around in Virginia Highland, you may have noticed that there has been a small stream of new stores opening in Virginia Highland.  Over the past week, I’ve had the chance to pop into these different places while on a stroll with my little baby.  (There’s nothing like a walk in the stroller to put the baby to sleep!).  Check out the recent new stores in Virginia Highland:




Callie's Hot Little Biscuits2

This little store took over the space where the Winter Wren’s clothing shop was.  And before Winter Wren, was another clothing store (but I can’t remember the name).  Obviously, the tenants to these buildings in VaHi seem to change frequently, but I think this biscuit store may be one here to stay.  It’s a small store that pretty much just serves biscuits and coffee, and they do it well.  It’s a place to have a quick bite and be on your way.  The seating is minimal and on the weekends in the mornings, I observe a line out the door.


Callie's Hot Little Biscuits1


Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits started out in Charleston, NC and has been featured in the media on numerous occasions, including one of Oprah’s “My Favorite Things” episode.  All biscuits are handmade and bring you back to that old souther tradition.  Ok, enough with the history.  How were the biscuits??  My husband and I only ordered a few but they were tasty.  We tried 2 flavors – a shortcake biscuit and a traditional flavor with peaches on it.  Yumm.  Since the biscuits are so small, I didn’t feel quite so guilty for eating them.  Overall, I think Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits is a great treat and addition to the VaHi stores.




Press And GrindPress and Grind Menu   The building that Cafe Aurora used to occupy a few years ago has finally opened its doors once again to a new coffee/pastry house called Press and Grind.  The store is owned by the owners of Highland Bakery and you’ll see that once you step inside, some of those Highland Bakery treats are visible.  I love the new interior design they have done with the building.  It’s a warm, cozy atmosphere to grab a coffee or smoothie.  The staff was friendly and the assortment of pastries and bakery items was excellent.  They even serve some light sandwich fair for lunch.  I took a picture of the front of their menu but on the backside was a long list of different smoothies. Yum!  This type of coffee shop was a much needed addition in my opinion to the VaHi neighborhood.  I’ve been longing for a place to relax and have a fresh cup of joe and a light breakfast treat (or afternoon snack!).




Tom Tom MenuI haven’t eaten here yet, but thought I’d at least mention it.  As of February 12th, Tom Tom has taken over the space where the Noche Tapas and Bar used to be.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about the food and atmosphere, but I can’t really give my opinion  since this is one I haven’t been able to check out.  I did get a snapshot of the menu.


SPROUTS:Sprouts Morningside


So this Sprouts store is technically a Morningside location, but I thought I’d it on the list anyways.  I have heard great things about Sprouts grocery stores but hadn’t been to one until the store in Morningside opened up.  If you aren’t familiar with Sprouts, it’s been described to me as a cheaper version of Whole Foods — kind of like Trader Joes.  This Sprouts store has opened at the new retail/apartment building complex located at Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge.  My overall experience in the store was positive.  The staff was friendly and helpful and the store was very bright and spacious.  I did like that you parked in a parking garage, which will be nice on rainy days.  They had a wide variety of produce, beer, and a pretty good selection of meat and seafood.  There is a small bakery and deli section too.  For residents that live up near there, I can see it being a good go-to grocery store.  But for me, I’m still probably going to frequent Trader Joes and Kroger/Publix more just because it’s a bit closer to where I live.

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