Lake Arrowhead Georgia

Dated: 12/17/2014

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I would like to take a few minutes and tell you about an extremely special place to me. Lake arrowhead Georgia is an amazing crystal-clear, super clean Lake that is just one hour North of Atlanta Georgia in Cherokee County. Lake arrowhead is a gated community and has a golf course, hiking trails and affordable North Georgia properties with super great views and extremely easy access to the Lake. If you want to build a home, Lake arrowhead has lots and land starting at $10,000. Some homes on the Lake can range all the way up to $1 million but most are around the 400 to 500,000 price point. This is extremely affordable for a mountain/Lake home that is in such easy driving distance from Atlanta Georgia. Some people even commute in on Mondays after they have spent a weekend at their mountain or Lake property in the community.

We have hired expert real estate agents that live and work in the area that can help you purchase your next Lake arrowhead or Canton Georgia property. You may not be looking for a property on the Lake but you may be looking for acreage in the area or homes on mountain tops and there are definitely some of those available in and around the red top mountain area of Georgia. This is not far from Lake arrowhead and is super easy access on the 575. There is shopping and restaurants all around the area and you will need will not feel like you are isolated in the remote parts of North Georgia. Reach out to us today if you are looking for Lake arrowhead Georgia real estate for sale or mountain property. We would be honored to help you find your perfect mountain home.

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