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Dated: 04/11/2016

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If you are looking for patio homes in Atlanta, you should consider looking at Atlanta patio homes in Glenwood Park.  Not only does Glenwood Park have patio homes, but it also has a vast array of stunning townhomes and even condos.  Perhaps you haven’t even paid much attention to Glenwood Park or knew it existed.  Let me familiarize you with Glenwood Park a bit more and why you should potentially add Glenwood Park to your home search list.


Glenwood Park

What are Patio Homes?

Patio homes are regular sized single-family homes but have very little yard.  It’s ideal for homeowners that do not like keeping up with yard maintenance but still want to have the free-standing home feel.  Glenwood Park has a wonderful variety of newer built patio home styles mixed in with larger townhomes.Atlanta Patio Homes in Glenwood Park

Where is Glenwood Park?

Glenwood Park MapGlenwood Park is located just south of Memorial Dr, between the neighborhoods of Grant Park and Ormewood Park.  If you drive along Memorial, you may fail to even turn into the neighborhood as the sights along Memorial are not that spectacular.  But don’t let the under-developed road of Memorial Drive deter you from giving Glenwood Park a chance!  Once you pull into the Glenwood Park neighborhood, you will feel yourself submerged with “newness.”  If you are a fan of newer construction homes, you will love this area.  Most of the townhomes and patio homes in Glenwood Park were built in 2005/2006.  The location of Glenwood Park is perfect for those wanting to live close to intown but not pay quite as high as intown prices.

What is the cost of living in Glenwood Park?

The cost of homes in Glenwood Park depend on what you are looking for.  A condo, for example, can be in the $130-$170’s (for a 1 bed/1 bath) or in the low $200’s for a 2 bed/2 bath.  A townhome can vary anywhere between $330K-$550K, depending on size, # of bedrooms, and finishes.  A patio home can range from $500-$650K depending on size and style.Glenwood Park Condos

What is Glenwood Park like?

Glenwood Park is a very small neighborhood that features newer built patio homes, townhomes, and condos.  The condos are above retail shops and restaurants.  The area feels like you are in your own little town with freshly paved roads and also a green space complete with playground equipment.  If you walk around Glenwood Park, you’ll notice there are a few retail stores (nail shop, toy shop, etc), some delicious dining options including The Gunshow (owned by the Top Chef winner Kevin Gillespie) and The Shed.Brewer ParkGlenwood Park Restaurants

The Future of Glenwood Park –

Although there are still some vacant retail spaces in the central shopping area, I think over time they will become filled.  Glenwood Park is right along the future Beltline which hopefully will be getting constructed in the next 5 years or so (don’t quote me on that…it may just be wishful thinking!).  Additionally, there is a vacant lot to the west of Glenwood Park that is currently under construction for a new Kroger and other retail and restaurant spaces (like Starbucks, etc).  The new Kroger addition will be a HUGE plus for residents of Grant Park, Glenwood Park, Cabbagetown, and Ormewood Park, which desperately need a closer shopping center.  In my opinion, all signs point in the right direction for this area to blossom even further.  There is also a lot of chatter going on about development along Memorial Drive, so the investment potential for this area could be very promising.


Kroger Glenwood Park


Are you ready to start looking into Patio Homes in Glenwood Park?  See all available homes for sale in Glenwood Park Here.

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