Buying A Home Near The Best Breakfast On The Beltline

Dated: 04/08/2015

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Ok, so you really don't want to buy a home just because it is near to the best breakfast spots in Atlanta.  But it sure makes for a good thing on the bottom of you wishlist after an open kitchen and modern bathrooms.   Waking up on a Saturday morning and being able to walk a block or two for some bacon, eggs and a biscuit is a good convenience to be afforded.  Not to mention how cool it would be to show off the perks of living in the neighborhood to your out of town guest while they're here to hang out in Atlanta.   Well, believe it or not, many buyers are requesting their new home be close to eateries and other things to do either by a 5 minute drive or a short walk from home.  Most recently, I was working with a couple who wanted to see all available properties near The Highland Bakery.  Now, there were other things they loved about the area but, because they frequented the breakfast place weekly, they figured it would be nice to walk there and to other places they patronized on Highland Ave.   This is becoming more and more the norm of desiring to make a home purchase near your favorite places to be.    People love to live where they hang out and intown properties offer more than a convenience to the fun stuff.  There's an array of nice homes on beautifully landscaped streets with lots of bells and whistles that are popular to the common buyer in Atlanta.  All types of homes are being listed so between the old renovation projects and the newly constructed dwelling, finding the place that best suites you in the area that you love shouldn't be such a difficult task.   Here are just a few breakfast spots on the Beltline that you may want to live near, Stone Soup Kitchen, Thumbs Up Diner, American Roadhouse, and Murphy's.  If your curious about home prices in one of these neighborhoods, click here  

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