All Aboard The Atlanta Streetcar

Dated: 02/13/2015

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So much to see, so much to do, and so much to talk about.  On my runs around the Downtown Atlanta area, I have noticed the Atlanta Streetcar operating amid the daily traffic.  It so happened that I saw the streetcar on the news and began to wonder:

Is this a good move for Atlanta?  Where does it even run?  Why haven't I been on it?

Then I turned on the Netflix and fell asleep.  THE END!  

Just kidding!  I determined right there and then, “I’m on a mission to ride this train.”  A week later, my girlfriend and I decided to take a day just for this venture.  We drove to Edgewood Avenue and waited for the streetcar to arrive.

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The Atlanta Streetcar was in full use.  

Currently, the streetcar has been running for 8 weeks.  For the people who want to try it out, I would recommend taking a free trip before the end of March.  The Streetcar takes approximately 35-40 minutes to make a full 2.7 mile loop around Atlanta, GA.  On the train you may run into an Atlanta Ambassador Force member.  Their job is to provide hospitality and safety for the community.

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Riding the train towards Peachtree Center, we decided to take make a pit stop around the downtown area when it hit me: Atlanta has such a difficult time getting its citizens to go downtown.  Of course, people may go downtown for big events, but generally, we avoid the area like the plague.  This streetcar ride helped change my viewpoint of going downtown!  The urban scene seemed much easier and accessible now.  I did not have to worry about parking, Park Atlanta, or any of the other craziness downtown Atlanta has. I love the Atlanta Streetcar!

Overall, I think it is a wonderful idea for the city and I have become a big fan of public transportation. For tourists, I think it is a great way to traverse districts they probably would not normally visit (aka Edgewood bars). For Atlanta citizens, it gets people into the downtown area with less hassle. Anything that makes it easier for citizens to navigate with ease to many communities is beneficial and I definitely look forward to riding it again!

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