A Few Of My Favorite Things In Grant Park

Dated: 01/21/2018

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  Sometime while bartending my way through college (Winthrop Eagles in the house!) I discovered craft beer. I used to dream of one day working for a craft brewery. Well, I moved to Atlanta and was fortunate enough to meet a small business owner in 2014 named Haley Cowan of Eventide Brewing. A year later I  was living my dream.   In the beer / hospitality world I've developed the persona as "Eventide Tay"  and as a result of said persona I've been happily immersed into community of Grant Park, which is this week's "FOMFT." 


GRANT PARK FARMERS MARKET - Community Farmers Market has done an outstanding job (in my opinion) of corralling farmers, fermenters, bread bakers, and other makers into markets that allow them serve each community. Out of all of the markets, Grant Park Farmers Market is my absolute favorite. It's truly an experience. It also provides the best quality produce and meat you can find ITP.  There isn't always a lot to do in these cold winter months which makes their new winter market even MORE valuable to me. 

video cred: Grant Park Conservancy

EVENTIDE BREWING- Obviously, I'm a little bias, but it truly is a GEM! I'll tell you why. Eventide Brewing approaches the craft beer market with the slogan, "Great doesn't have to be complicated."  Guess what, they're right. Eventide's core beers are straight to the point and true to style. They make amazing bigger beers to appease those beer snobs that need a super complex beer too. Outside of the beer, the company is owned by the best humans. I mean THE BEST. When I decided to go into real estate the most amount of support I received was from these folks. Basically, I love them. You should too.  

CROSSFIT GRANT STREET -  CFGS is owned by the sweetest couple I've ever met, Ant and Lauren.  They've done more than just create a kick ass gym, they've created a community. They radiate positivity and when you're with one or both of them you can't help but smile. 

RESTAURANTS -  There are SO many eateries in Grant Park and the list keeps growing. This neighborhood is expanding and it's not going to stop anytime soon. The OG's , if you will, are the folks I'm going to mention because I've known them the longest. They also are the reason why the people in Grant Park stopped leaving Grant Park. Dakota Blue is a neighborhood staple. Their menu has enough variety that you can eat there everyday and not eat the same thing twice. Grant Central Pizza, located right across the street, is delicious and their pizzas are ENORMOUS. The breakfast spot is Ria's Bluebird. When I say the, I mean "the." Like in the entire city of Atlanta, this is the spot.  I can't think of a better breakfast in the city. If you don't like waiting for food  ( I'm not ) I wouldn't recommend the weekends. For the bar scene I 100% recommend Republic Social House. The rooftop bar has a spectacular view of the city and they have specials every night of the week. 

OAKLAND CEMETERY-  Years ago, before I knew what Grant Park was, I lived in the neighborhood for a very short period of time in a big blue house that my gal pals rented. I didn't appreciate it the way I wish I had but that's what your twenties are for I suppose. What I did appreciate was Oakland Cemetery. All of my runs started and ended here. It's one of the most popular cemeteries in the state and if you go you'll understand why. Fun Fact: The juniper that grows in the cemetery is used by Old Fourth Distillery for their gin.

THE SURROUNDING NEIGHBORHOODS - Summerhill, Peoplestown, and Chosewood surround the West side of Grant Park. These neighborhoods have scenic views that include The Beltline (what?!) sweet homes, brick roads, so many parks, the field formerly known as Turner, and much more. Take a stroll, you'll be surprised what you find. 

I didn't mention The Zoo or the actual park. Those are attractions as well, but you probably already know about those.  As always, if you're interested in heading for a tour please let me know. I'd be happy to be your guide. 

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