A Few Of My Favorite Gyms

Dated: 02/03/2018

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One of the awesome perks of Condo or Apartment living is the amenity of having a gym on site. I used to love going to my apartment's gym. Particularly because no one ever used it. When we bought our home I had to come up with a new exercise plan. There's always working out from home or the great outdoors. A homework out is never calling my name and I LOVE being outside but in less than ideal weather it's not my jam. Maybe I'm a weenie. I digress, when neighborhood hunting I always try to keep an eye on the places I think would be my gym "home".  Here are my top gyms in the Atlanta area as of today ( you know Atlanta changes every day).  

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A Few Of My Favorite Gyms

Crossfit Grant Street  -  I know I know I know. I've already mentioned Crossfit Grant Street. But have you seen what Crossfit can do you to you? CFGS takes your preconceived notions of what you can do and smashes them to the ground! Break through your fears, pump up the volume (and your muscles), and join this outstanding community right along The Beltline in historic Grant Park. 

Highland Yoga - Namaste' Y'all! Highland Yoga provides 3 locations dispersed enough through out the Metro Atlanta area that no matter where you are you can bend, strengthen, and become your better self. Check them out in Virginia Highlands (duh), Buckhead, or Grant Park. 

Vibe Ride - Are you ready to dance? Good! Jump on that BICYCLE at Vibe Ride and get your groove on! Full disclosure: I love to ride and dance so this place is basically my cardio heaven.  Located in Midtown and in Grant Park.

Vesta Movement - You know, sometimes you just want to kick some ASS. Vesta Movement allows you to do it with some form (kickboxing that is).  

Planet Fitness - SURPRISE! A box store gym made the list! Why you ask? For starters, I love it. They're affordable, they have pretty good customer service, and, for $20 a month I can go to any gym in any state that I want. Yes, I take advantage of this feature. 

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