7 Tips To Finding The BEST Atlanta Agent To SELL Your Home

Dated: 04/16/2015

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How to Find the Best Atlanta Agent to Sell Your Home :: 7 Important Tips

Selling a home in Atlanta

If you want to find the best Atlanta real estate agent, we always recommend that you interview at least three local agents. They may all be qualified to get your home sold, but you also want to make sure your personalities match and you feel you can trust them with your most prized asset -- your home.

When meeting with the real estate agents, be sure to ask detailed questions about their experience and skills to help you find the best Atlanta agent to sell your home. Here are seven important questions to ask when you’re interviewing real estate agents:

1. How long have you been selling homes?
Mastering real estate requires on-the-job experience. The more experience agents have, the more likely they’ll be able to handle any curveballs thrown during the sale of your Atlanta home.

2. How many homes did you sell last year?
Real estate agents may brag about their company or team's sucess, but it is important to get an understanding of how many they've personally sold.... it will let you know how active and aggressive they are (and how much experience they have).

3. How many days on average did it take you to sell homes?
Ask agents to show you this data along with stats from the Atlanta Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so you can see how many days their listings were on the market compared to the Atlanta average.

4. How close were the asking and sales prices of the homes you sold (i.e. list to sales price ratio)?
Very important question! Sometimes sellers choose a Realtor because the their suggested listing price was higher than the listing prices suggested by other real estate agents. Some agent will give you an inflated home valuation because they want to get the listing -- and then ask you to reduce the price later. To make sure you don't select that type of agent, ask to see the difference between listing prices and the amount homes actually sold for. That will help you judge agents’ skill at accurately pricing homes and marketing to the right buyers. It can also help you weed out agents trying to dazzle you with a lofty sales price just to get your listing.

5. How will you market my home?
The days of putting a "For Sale" sign in the yard and hoping for the best are long gone. Look for an agent who focuses on all the time-tested strategies but also offers some innovative marketing techniques, especially on the Internet.  Ask to see examples of previous (or current listings). At a bare minimum, they should be doing the following:

  • Using a professional photographer

  • Listing in both the Georgia MLS and the Atlanta FMLS

  • Creating a professionally printed home brochure

  • Writing a blog about your home

  • Virtual tour or slideshow

  • Adding to all the big home search sites -- Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com

  • Promoting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets

  • eFlyer to all the local real estate agents

6. How will you keep me informed?
If you want weekly updates by email, don’t choose an agent who plans to contact you only if there’s an offer. There are so many new technologies and tools for real estate agents, that you should have an online listing management system (so you can see what the agent is working on) as well as a showing alert and buyer feedback system.

7. Can you provide references?
Contact 2 or 3 past clients and ask them if they would work with the real estate agent again and how they would rate the communication, marketing and transaction.

:::::::::::::::: We would love to be one of the three agents you interview!  

If you are looking for tech-savvy real estate agents with an excellent sales and customer service track record, call Kerry Lucasse and the Nest Atlanta team for more information at 404.432.1844.

Our team offers a flexible listing commission plan, as well as a satisfaction guarantee -- we want to make sure you are 110% comfortable with our services, as we work hard every day to earn your rave review! Almost 80% of our listings in the last year received multiple offers and sold for 99.98% of the listing price on average. Learn more about our marketing and listing commission plans.

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