4 Reasons The City Of Decatur Is A Popular Choice To Call Home

Dated: 06/10/2016

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The City of Decatur is a very popular choice for home buyers for a list of reasons.  I couldn’t possibly write up every highlight that the City of Decatur offers but I have narrowed my top 4 reasons that the City of Decatur is a popular choice for home seekers.


City of Decatur2

1) Top Notch Schools

It’s no secret that the City of Decatur has some of The Best public elementary schools including Glennwood, Clairemont, Winnona Park, and Oakhurst.  In fact, these were ranked in the top 10 of best Public Elementary Schools in Georgia for 2016.


Decatur Restaurants

2) Good mix of restaurants

There is an abundance of restaurants to try in the City of Decatur.  I could go on and on about the numerous options (see here for an extensive list) but some of my favorites include Chai Pani, Cakes and Ale, Kimball House, No. 246, and Iberian Pig.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you dine in Decatur.  (There are also some sinfully delicious ice cream spots too).


Decatur Toy Park

3) Family friendly vibe

Because of the popularity of excellent schools, it’s not surprising that the City of Decatur is a hot spot for young families to live.  If you visit Decatur on a typical Saturday afternoon, you will most likely see many mom’s pushing strollers and kids running around outside.  Don’t forget to check out the Toy Park (located at the corner of West Ponce De Leon Ave & Nelson Ferry Rd) which is a hot spot to take the little ones to get some outside air and play with an assortment of toys to keep them entertained for hours.


City of Decatur

4) Small town next to a big city

The City of Decatur itself is just a few short miles east of Atlanta which is perfect for residents who work (or want to go play) in Atlanta but not be in the thick of all the hustle and bustle.  As you drive down the main drag (Ponce de Leon) of Decatur, you instantly feel like you are in a small town with it’s own Decatur Square, historical court house, street light posts lining the sidewalks, and residents/visitors dining outside on restaurant patios.  But don’t be fooled, even though it has a small town feel, there is still plenty of action going on in this area including festivals throughout the year, a farmer’s market, music venues such as Eddie’s Attic, and the list goes on.


To view a list of all homes for sale in the City of Decatur, CLICK HERE.

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