Intown Atlanta Luxury Home And Condo Rentals

Dated: 04/10/2015

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Image titleHow much do you know about the Atlanta, GA rental market?  Most renters have no idea that agents are available to help them find a place temporarily until they are ready to buy.  You go out on a Saturday, to see a few apartments only to be asked "how soon are you looking to move" and you dare not say in 60 or more days because they will run you out of the office quicker than the road runner getting away from the wild coyote.   Consider this:  you may be able to rent a home or condo at the same monthly price or lower than going to a conventional apartment community.   Sellers sometimes are not quite ready to list their homes but experience extenuating circumstances where they need to move.   In an effort to continue paying the mortgage, they seek out the assistance of a Real Estate Professionals to market the home to renters.  And oddly enough, they do rent quickly.  Most potential buyers, while they are waiting on loan preapproval, would much rather rent a home or private condo than an apartment.   And if you could rent at the same price, why not?   You would most likely get the private attention you need when it comes to maintenance request or other issues.  Owners tend to be more involved in communicating with their tenants.  Not to say that an apartment office staff won't attempt to do the same, but they usually have on average 300 or more residents to tend to on any given day.   And what about the hassle of dealing with noisy neighbors?  If you are renting a home then the likelihood of this being a repeated problem is probably closer to nonexistent.   Renting a home also gives you an opportunity to test out the neighborhood before you decide to make a big purchase.  I've always said you never really know a neighborhood until you live in it.   Renters who want to become buyers should ask an agent to see a few rental homes/condos.   There are condos renting on the market with luxury features, concierge, private parking, beautiful kitchens, modern baths, concrete or wood flooring, exposed brick walls, awesome city views and the list goes on and on.  Homes specifically in one of the Beltline neighborhoods, also showcase these updated features and are just waiting for a nice renter to come along and make it home, until you buy of course.  I've had 10 years experience in rentals prior to exploring a career as a Real Estate Agent and there is not many questions I can't answer.   If you'd like a consultation to see about getting pre-qualified or you are not quite ready to buy but need to rent until then, contact Pauline Bowman, Beltline Specialist with eXp Realty, at 678-682-1221 or email me at mailto:[email protected] you may also search my website for available listings or rentals at  Image title

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